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Christina Mingard

A Late Summer Afternoon Christina Mingard is a painter living in the North of England. Her work is mostly associated with the landscape around her former home in Bardon Mill, although she now paints where she lives in Allendale in Northumberland. She almost always works from life and is inspired by whatever she sees from the window of her studio, or whatever she encounters when away from home. Christina's paintings are very colourful and incorporate many aspects of landscape, most notably, trees, the marks made in the landscape by people, the effects of light and the passage of time. Normally she paints to music, often Radio 3 and this has the tendency to influence the final painting, in colour and mood.


Christina has exhibited her paintings in many solo exhibitions throughout Northumberland, Tyneside, Durham, Cumbria and North Yorkshire as well as in Scotland and Wales. She is a member of Network Artists in Northumberland and is a graduate of Harrow College of Art. Christina was artist in residence at the Village Bakery in Melmerby from 2007-2009.

A Time Remembered

Christina's work is held in many private collections throughout the UK and also in other parts of the world including the USA, Austria and France. See our news or contact pages for details of how to sign up to be invited to future exhibitions.