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This is a blog about travel.  Mostly it is about rail travel, but not exclusively.  In a world of rapid transit by plane and car, it is encouraging that train travel is on the increase in many places.  Most of this is for commuting purposes, but nevertheless it shows that we have not fallen out of love with the train.  Indeed, the more we become disillusioned with the dream of jet travel, the likely we are to realise that the train is a great place from which to see the world and not just a means of getting from a to b.

I started with the intention of writing to keep in touch with my granddaughter Lucy, but as it went on I began to realise that I enjoyed the writing and it became a record of how I viewed the world as I interacted with it, if briefly.  So although I can hope to keep Lucy and brother William up to date with what their ‘Yaya’ and ‘Grandad’ are up to, I’d like to think that others enjoy reading it, or better, feel inspired to create their own voyage by train.

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  1. Janette Bell

    I have just been on a course with Jane Veitch, wonderful and she mentioned your name, I had already looked you up. When I went into your site this morning I saw the wonderful painting after the loss of a friend . It has so much feeling and depth.
    Perhaps next time I come to. Barden Mill. I can see more of your work.
    Regards Janette Bell.
    Not sure what to tick, I paint but no web site…..yet!

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