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Train Journeys

Train Journeys

This is Where it Ends

Amsterdam and rain; can't get away from it. Well we did for a couple of weeks. It was so miserable outside the station in wind and the rain, that even having three hours to kill, we ventured only a few metres away from the terminus building before turning back. At least we got to use … Continue reading »

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Paris to Amsterdam

This morning we awoke to our view of the Eiffel Tower as we had left the curtains open for that reason. It was hard to get out of the kingsize bed. Downstairs in the pension we had a spartan meal of bread and La Vache Qui Rit squares, washed down with a machine beverage labelled, … Continue reading »

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Donostia – San Sebastián to Paris

We got up too early, either that or we packed too much last night. Because, after doing morning exercises, showering and dressing we found ourselves standing in the lobby of the pension before the reception opened for the day. This meant that we could not get our tickets for breakfast in the bar around the … Continue reading »

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Lisbon to San Sebastián

I woke to snow in the hills. The guy in the bunk opposite was reading his phone, still fully dressed on top of the blanket. I shimmied on some clean pants and got my trousers on in the tight space available, splashed some water on my face from the faucet and slipped out of the … Continue reading »

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Irun to Vigo

Not sure that I'm up to the task of describing a one day train journey across Spain, but there were no other volunteers, so here it is. The end was in darkness, so that leaves eleven hours to fill with descriptions of the views from our carriage windows. So to avoid that, I'll start from … Continue reading »

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Paris To Hendaye/ Irun

You know how sometimes, what seems dreadful when you go to sleep, seems like a garden when you wake up. Even in the half light of the two night light bulbs they had for lighting in this room at the Hipotel, it was not improved by having slept on it. Throwing back the curtain revealed … Continue reading »

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