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Monthly Archives: March 2013


I wanted to add something at the end of this blog about the journey. Nothing heavy or too philosophical, but when we started it was simply a holiday and this blog was to keep in touch with people, particularly to remind Lucy, our granddaughter that we still existed. Or at least that we had not … Continue reading »

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Day Twenty Six

London to Home Today is our last leg on this journey, with a train to Carlisle, then finally change for Bardon Mill and home. We are looking forward to seeing people, but disorientated by the thought of being in one place for longer than a few days. We have quite a late start, which is … Continue reading »

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Day Twenty Five

Paris to London One night in Paris is never enough, but we only had a stopover and made the most of it in our own way. The next morning we breakfasted in the hotel. The woman in charge of the catering was miserable, for some reason. There was a key code lock on the dining … Continue reading »

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Day Twenty Four

Sitges to Paris I don't like the thought that I might give up doing something because I become too cautious and risk averse. So, I want to drive in Europe occasionally to keep my hand in. But the drive to Barcelona is not one of our triumphs on this trip. First there is getting out … Continue reading »

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Day Twenty Three

Second Day in Sitges The mood in the hotel this morning was sombre. It was beyond the ability of the staff to put out the newspapers with their shame riddled headlines. Words like 'debacle', 'impotente' in heavy black typeface poured out the local feeling about their beloved Barca being humiliated at Camp Nou by those … Continue reading »

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