Hadrian's Wall

All our prints are limited editions of 100 unless marked 'Unlimited'. All are printed on 100% cotton rag acid-free paper and with long-lasting pigment inks. Our mounts are made to fine art, archival standard.

The wall is close to where we live. It is such a dramatic, historic place that I had to paint there. The weather is not always great and a lot of my paintings needed a few visits to the same spot. Some of our best days have been early morning or late evenings in summer, when the wall is deserted. The tree in 'Outlaw Moon' has become famous due to the Kevin Costner film 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves'. An 'Outlaw Moon' is one that lets bandits work in the darkness. This area is also known as the country of the Reivers an area of lawlessness for nearly four hundred years. Who could resist painting it.